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About Us

I have lived in Calgary, Alberta all of my life...Yes, born and raised.  When I was a child I loved to do crafts, many kinds... My family always said I was gifted in that department...  If there was a craft fair or market you could be rest assured that I would be in attendance....I would buy the items that I loved but couldn't make. I found out about" Fair Trade" just this month.

"Fair Trade" consists of giving people the opportunity to provide for their families, keeping women off the street,out of dangerous situations, and out of sweat shops.They are paid a fair wage and there are so many other good things. The handcrafted gifts we carry come from countries all over the globe. Purchasing these beautiful pieces of art does two things, gives me the pleasure of providing enjoyment and at the same time helps someone else.  That feels real good!  While browsing through the website, you will see lots of diversity in what we carry, not only are there items from Africa, Vietnam, Ghana, Haiti and beyond, but there are many talented people right here at home in North America.

There are many beautiful works of art, stuffed animals, beautiful handmade childrens toys, blankets, handmade pet products, and Quilled Cards that are fabulous. In time we will be making gift baskets of all sorts that can be purchased as well.